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  • Name Jane CRUICKSHANK 
    Nickname Jeanie 
    Born 13 May 1870  15 Old Market Place, Banff, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Birth entry for Jane = 129
      dated 1st June 1870 Dist. of Banff
      Father registered her birth and gave his occupn as a Baker [Master].

      Jane was born at 3:30 am Old Market Place, Banff
    Gender Female 
    Census 2 Apr 1871  Banff, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Census 3 Apr 1881  Banff, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Census 5 Apr 1891  Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Census 31 Mar 1901  Hutchestontown, Govan, Glasgow Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried 1946  Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died 4 Apr 1946  Glasgow, Lanarkshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Age: 71y 
    Cause: Chronic Cardiac Failure, Arteriosclerosis, Senility 
    50 Boyd St., Glasgow at 5.00 p.m. 
    • Death reg no = 644/19/0380
      Jane Morin, Widow of George Morin a Soapwork Labourer, died 4 April 1946 [5 pm] at 50 Boyd Street, Glasgow, aged 75. Father was George Cruickshank, Baker [deceased] and Margaret Cruickshank, ms Greig [deceased]. Chronic Cardiac Failure of 2 months, arterial sclerosis or senility as cert by D. Gordon MB, ChB. Informant George Morin, son of 38 Craigie Street Glasgow.

    DNA TEST 29 Nov 2017  Myheritage Find all individuals with events at this location 
    84.5% Scottish, Irish, Welsh
    7.0% East European
    3.6% Finnish
    2.6% Scandinavian
    2.3% Italian 
    DNA Explained Mitochondrial DNA
    is the fact that this DNA is maternally inherited. Males and females inherit a copy of MtDNA from their mother. Nuclear DNA, on the other hand, is inherited equally from both parents; a child will inherit 50% of their nuclear DNA from the mother and the other 50% from their father.
    A MtDNA copy is passed down entirely unchanged, through the maternal line. Males cannot pass their MtDNA to their offspring although they inherit a copy of it from their mother.
    Occupation Domestic Servant/Pickle Factory Worker 
    Person ID I109  Genealogy
    Last Modified 4 Dec 2017 

    DNA Tests  mtDNA-145067191 Living (Oct 2017)

    Father George Andrew CRUICKSHANK,   b. 22 Aug 1836, Marnoch, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. From 1873 to 1881  (Age 36 years) 
    Mother Margaret GREIG,   b. 23 Apr 1840, MacDuff, Gamrie, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 28 Sep 1883, 23 Carmelite Street, Banff, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 43 years) 
    Married 11 Jun 1859  MacDuff, Gamrie, Banffshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Married by the established Church of Scotland by Rev. Gordon Ingram, Minister of MacDuff.
      Witnesses were James Murray and George Clark.
    Family ID F70  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family George MORIN,   b. 4 Feb 1866, Magherafelt, Londonderry, Ireland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1 Jun 1938, Victoria Infirmary Glasgow - Myocardial Degeneration Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 72 years) 
    Married 17 Jan 1914  Glasgow, Lanarkshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    19 Howard Street, Glasgow 
    • Was already a Widower when he married Jane Cruickshanks. George and Jane or Jeanie were married by a "warrant of the Sheriff Substitute" - i.e. an irregular marriage which was unique to Scotland.
      Historically when Scotland became a Protestant nation for various reasons the Church of Scotland was the Established church and anyone marrying outside this was considered to have embarked on an 'irregular' marriage. That is only part of the story though.

      Marriage in Scotland is considered a contract and those who declared their intention to marry before witnesses could be considered married without any religious ceremony or blessing of the clergy.
      A couple who lived together as man and wife and behaved in all ways as a married couple could also be considered as married without any ceremony or formal agreement.
      Naturally the established church did not like it when folks set up house without their approval but the law of the land not only permitted it but also would uphold their rights in a court of law.

      Conclusion is that Jane was living as George's common law wife and then the couple decided to register their living together - hence married under Warrant of Sheriff Substitute. The witnesses to their declaration were Margaret Allison or Gilchrist and Margaret Gray of ?Paul.

      The declaration of marriage certificate states her first name as "Jeannie Cruickshank".
      Jane (Jeanie) Cruickshank was living at 125 Caledonia Road, Glasgow (same address as given on dtr. Annie's marriage cert) when she married George Morin who was also living at the same address at the time. Her parents were recorded as George Cruickshank, Baker, deceased and Margaret Cruickshanks ms Greig, deceased. She was 39 when she got married.

      George Morin was living at 125 Caledonia Road, Glasgow (same address as given on Annie Cruickshank) when he married Jane(Jeanie) who was also living at the same address at the time. He stated he was an Engineer's labourer. His parents were recorded as Thomas Morin a Farmer, deceased and Elizabeth Morin, previously Hutchison, and ms Wilson (his mother must have married twice).
    Children 8 children 
    Last Modified 16 Jun 2012 
    Family ID F75  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Event Map
    Link to Google MapsCensus - Age: 30y - 31 Mar 1901 - Hutchestontown, Govan, Glasgow Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsMarried - Address:
    19 Howard Street, Glasgow - 17 Jan 1914 - Glasgow, Lanarkshire
    Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsBuried - 1946 - Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsDied - Age: 71y - 4 Apr 1946 - Glasgow, Lanarkshire Link to Google Earth
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  • Photos
    Jane Cruickshank
    Jane Cruickshank 1870-1946
    Jane Cruickshank daughter of George Andrew Cruickshank & Margaret Greig.
    Wife of George Morin or Moran
    Annie McArthur Cruickshank
    Annie McArthur Cruickshank 1893-1980
    Illegitimate daughter of Jane Cruickshank then
    step-daughter of George Morin.
    Married to Cornelius Maxwell Delaney.
    George Cruickshank then Morin
    George Cruickshank then Morin 1897-1949
    George Morin son of George Morin & Jane Cruickshank.
    Husband of Euphemia Stewart
    Margaret (Maggie) Morin or Cruickshank
    Margaret (Maggie) Morin or Cruickshank 1899-1974
    Margaret (Maggie) dtr. of George Morin & Jane Cruickshank.
    Wife of John Crerar
    William (Billy) Morin or Cruickshank 1913-1992
    William (Billy) son of Geo. Morin and Jane Cruickshank.
    Husband of Jamesina Turner (At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.)
    Thomas (Tommy) Morin
    Thomas (Tommy) Morin 1904-1972
    Thomas (Tommy) son of Geo. Morin and Jane Cruickshank.
    Husband of Isabella McLeod
    James (Jimmy) Morin or Cruickshank
    James (Jimmy) Morin or Cruickshank 1910-1972
    James (Jimmy) son of Geo. Morin & Jane Cruickshank.
    Husband of Catherine Stevenson Thomason.

    Cruickshank(s) Family
    Cruickshank(s) Family (25)
    Images relating to the Cruickshank Family & Branches

  • Notes 
    • The following were all born illegitimately to Jane Cruickshanks, who ultimately married George Morin. All the children below adopted the name of "Morin" as can be seen on various marriage and death certificates.

      Annie McArthur Cruickshanks [illeg]
      George Cruickshanks [illeg]
      Margaret Buntin Cruickshanks [illeg]
      Thomas Cruickshanks [illeg]
      Robert Cruickshanks [illeg]
      John Cruickshanks [illeg]
      James Cruickshanks [illeg]
      The marriage date was obtained from the General Records Office for Scotland - its noted that both Jane Cruickshank [surname given as Cruickshanks on marriage cert] and George Morin did not marry until after their last child William [Billy] Morin was born. Jane Cruickshank also recorded her name as JEANIE for her marriage cert.

    • According to the great granddaughter [Jean Delaney] Jane's mother, Margaret Greig, died whilst still fairly young. Following this, it has been discovered that Jane's sister Anne Stephen Cruickshank, and her brother James Wm. emigrated to Pennsylvania, USA. Jane and George were then left in the care of an Aunt, but George left home around the 1890s and sailed for America, where he married and raised a family.

      Following this, and whilst still young, Jane ran away from home and ended up in Glasgow, where she gave birth to a daughter [the father of the child has never been mentioned]

      Some years later, James William Cruickshanks' dtr, Agnes Gillen Cruickshank [Jane's niece], visited the UK in search of Jane with the intention of taking her, either to Moose Jaw, Saskachewan, Canada to live with her husband and their children,
      or arrange for Jane to live with her brother James William and his family in Pennsylvania. [It is possible that word had got to her brother James that Jane had been suffering great hardship and was struggling to raise her illegitmate daughter, Annie]

      By the time Agnes found Jane in Glasgow, and went to collect her, Jane had run away again. [ We can assume from this that Jane had no intention of joining either her brother in the USA or any of her relatives in Canada.]

      Agnes advertised several times over the years in the "Sunday Mail" for the whereabouts of Jane, but without success. Eventually, one of Agne's children managed to trace Jane, but correspondence was few and far between. It is believed that two of Agne's grandsons, who were pilots in the Canadian Airforce, during WW2, managed to visit Jane while posted to the UK. According to them, Annie Cruickshank [Janes daughter] had the same hair colouring as their grandmother, Agnes.

      Sadly, Jane did not communicate with her younger brother George, and it was only when some years later, a full paged description of his funeral in a local newspaper was sent to her from Fitchburg, Mass., USA, that she learned of his death.

    • Timeline and Police record of George Morin [sources = bmd certs and Police Force record obtained from Glasgow Archives

      1866/1867 Born Desertmartin, Co. Derry, Ireland son of Thomas Moran, a farmer and Elizabeth Wilson.
      1871 2 April ?Ireland Census
      1881 3 April ?Ireland Census
      1882 Moved to Glasgow
      1887 19 Oct Joined City of Glasgow Police Force as a probationer - Division 53 (Southern Division), Register No 0/397. Aged 21. Height was 5'11½". Place of Birth given as Desertmartin, Londonderry. Status = Single.
      22 Nov Police - Appointed 4th Class - pay 23/- per wk
      1888 12 July Police - Worse for drink - admonished
      " 19 Nov Police - Appointed 3rd Class - pay 24/-
      1889 18 Nov Police - Appointed 2nd Class - pay 25/-
      1890 17 Nov Police Appointed 1st Class - pay 26/-

      9 Dec was a witness at his brother Robert's wedding in Glasgow
      1891 5 April Census shows him as a Police Constable living at South Albion St., Police Barracks, age 23
      Note - In 1904 the Old Central Police Office in South Albion Street closed

      1891 1 June Police - Pay increased - to 27/4
      1892 13 Mar Police - Worse for drink - fined 5/-
      1894 2 July Living at 6 East Clyde St., Glasgow when he married Sarah Kernohan
      " 9 Dec Living at 57 John Knox St., Glasgow when his wife Sarah dies. George is recorded as being a Policeman, but her death was registered by her brother James Kernohan.
      1895 15 Apr Police - Pay increased - to 28/6
      " 17 Apr Police - Worse for drink
      " 19 Apr Police - Pay reduced to 27/4d as result of drink [above]
      " 2 Aug Police - Transferred to D Division
      1896 1 Jan Police - Worse for drink - Pay reduced to 26/2d
      " 3 Jan Police - Absent & drunk
      " 4 Jan Police - Pay reduced to 25/- - possibly as result of above, and demoted to 2nd Class
      " 29 July Police - Worse of drink whilst on duty
      " 3 Aug Police - Dismissed the service
      [sgnd] J Boyd CC [?Chief constable]
      1901 31 Mar Census shows him as a Foundry Labourer living at 163 Wolseley Street, Glasgow and living with Jeanie Morin [not married but she used his surname during this census. By this time Jeanie or Jane had 3 illigitimate children all with the surname of Cruickshank born prior to the 1901 census - namely Annie MacArthur Cruickshank, George Cruickshank and Margaret Bunten Cruickshank. These 3 children are named in this census with the surname of Morin and giving George as their father!
      1902 6 Mar Robert Cruickshank [later Morin] born illegitimately at 20 Thistle St., Glasgow to Jeanie Cruickshank
      1904 1 June Thomas Cruickshank or Watson, illegitimate, 4th child of Jane or Jeanie was born. Jane states on Thomas' birth cert that she was the widow of George Watson, an Ironmoulder. {Evidence is that Jane's signature is the same as that shown on Annie, George and Margaret's birth cert}. She stated that George Watson died on 14 Nov 1898 [CANNOT FIND DEATH CERT OR MARRIAGE CERT HERE for Geo Watson]
      It is just possible that any children born after 1904 were the offspring of George Morin
      1908 [approx] John Cruickshank or Morin born

      1910 24 Aug James Cruickshank or Morin born
      1914 17 Jan George Morin and Jane Cruickshank declared their marriage by Warrant of Sheriff Substitute - this was an irregular marriage. George stated he was an Engineer's labourer and widower. Jane stated she was a Domestic Servant and single!
      In other words, Jane was his common law wife and as a result of this declaration all the children, apart from Annie MacArthur Cruickshank, legally used the surname of MORIN. Because Annie was born before George's marriage to his first wife Sarah in 1894 she could not legally take the surname of Morin like her siblings.
      Nov William Burns Morin born [the only child to be born after George and Jane's declaration of marriage].
      1938 1 June George Died in Victoria Infirmary - myocardial infarction
      1946 4 Apr Jane Morin [nee Cruickshank] died at 50 Boyd St., Glasgow - chronic cardiac failure
    • Descriptive family features note from Jean Crerar (grand-daughter of Jane Morin ms Cruickshank) reads:

      I have now had time to read the family trees. It was great getting the information on Emily Josephine- maybe she had another son as she was still young enough. I certainly met Gordon when he was in Glasgow and as I said it was like the return of the prodigal son. He stayed with us andwas quite a catch and really a handsome man. The other tree, I have an idea ,and the clue to the
      family is curly hair.

      Four of the boys had very wavy hair and I remember seeing a photo of John with ringlets- more like a wee girl. My mother also had curls but not quite as pronounced as her brothers. The hair has passed on to Sadie, then my son Stewart, and now my grand-daughter Emma. Thomas Morin and Mary Hall had also a daughter-Margaret who had curly ginger hair. I was asking Sadie and she said that some of the family had auburn hair so that makes me think that the curls came from Morin side.

      As for the 'Watson' it must have been one big fib and she was not quite as innocent as my mother made her out to be.
      All the Morin brothers were so alike in height,appearance etc. One thing I do remember was hearing that their father ruined them all with kindness and that your grandmother said that she was fonder of her father than her mother.

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